Public interest in Mary Magdalene is intense and this interest encouraged Dr. Cindy Caldwell to create classes to teach about the mythology surrounding this close apostle of Jesus. The classes are typically divided into three:

  1. Mary Magdalene in the Bible

  2. Magdalene in the Gnostic Gospels

  3. Magdalene and the Divine Feminine Archetype. 


Mary Magdalene has been labeled a prostitute and the wife of Jesus. Today, she is considered to be a strong expression of the divine feminine archetype, as well as providing balance and wholeness to Jesus’ expression of the divine masculine archetype. Magdalene is only mentioned thirteen times in the Bible and yet, there is no one in the Bible who has had such a bizarre post-biblical life in the human imagination. Dr. Caldwell's classes explore who Magdalene has been and who she is becoming.


Dr. Cindy Caldwell, has her PhD in Mythology with an Emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Carpinteria, CA. She has her Masters from Pacifica and her BA from Denver University.

Her dissertation is titled, "The Changing Myth of Mary Magdalene." Click the "PDF" icon to the right to access her dissertation.

March 27, 2020: Dr. Caldwell on "Journey to the Goddess"

Dr. Cindy Caldwell being interviewed by Annalisa Derr in a segment titled:" Mary Magdalene #ShePersisted." This is the second of a four part series titled:"Mary Magdalene: Regeneratrix for Modern Women."This series is part of Annalisa's project "Journey to the Goddess: Regenerating Ancient Feminine Wisdom for Modern Women." 

As described by Annalisa:

"#MaryMagdalene is a dynamic figure who has captivated the Western imagination for millennia. With the discovery of the #GnosticGospels, Mary Magdalene has re-emerged as a much more complex and central figure in the early Christian movement. Whether we see her as spiritual leader, companion to Jesus, or the divine feminine archetype in Christianity, Magdalene's regeneration in the culture today is proof that we women can define ourselves for ourselves. Dr. Cindy reminds us that despite millennia of slander against Mary Magdalene, #shepersisted."


For further information on the project, visit: 

July 22, 2018: Dr. Caldwell on "She Is Love"


















Dr. Cindy Caldwell being interviewed by Annalisa Derr for a series called "Celebrate Mary Magdalene" for Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day. Per Annalisa's website:


"Dr. Cindy Caldwell illuminates Magdalene as an archetypal Everywoman, who represents a feminine consciousness that is rising up, demanding to be seen, heard, and treated with dignity and respect."

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