Lawrence of Eight Twenty-Eight is considered a modern-day cultural savant. Known by many for his knack of decoding cultural behaviors that either support or undermine values and performance, Lawrence has grown a reputation for getting to the heart of the matter by identifying specific behaviors that are directly impacting business outcomes.

His talents, temperament and tenure as a leadership trainer, performance coach and equity and inclusion practitioner provides a unique combination of results, relationship and emotional quotient enhancement. Lawrence takes pride in his ability to asses, design and shift culture for maximum impact.

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Tamar Jackson is the Director of Community Engagement for WorkForce Central. His role as Director of Community Engagement is to help WorkForce Central to meet the communities needs in effort to address the challenges that come along with our changing demographic, different points of view and workplace fairness to exceed client, service providers and stakeholders needs.

From Tamar:


I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Tacoma, Washington. I grew up just like any other young black man in the 80’s: a statistic. Raised in poverty by a single mother without his father, living in gang infested neighborhoods. I could have let that be my excuse to give up and except the cards dealt to me, but I didn’t. I beat all of the expectations for me to fail.

I was fortunate. Not everyone was so lucky. I look around now and I see people in our community still struggling and I wanted to do something about it. While I see all the challenges people face, I also know there is a lot of opportunity available at their fingertips. Unfortunately, the connection seems to be missing. That’s why I feel so drawn toward my position as the Director of Community Engagement with Workforce Central.

I use my position to assist in spurring the change that the community leaders are seeking.

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Shellie Willis is the Director of Quality Assurance and Certification at Workforce Central, the public workforce development council serving employers and job seekers in Tacoma and Pierce County.  Shellie serves as an advocate for system partners and the community by facilitating the Pierce County Community TaskForce and provides education and training on continuous quality improvement opportunities, and increases system access. She is a 25 year veteran of the US Army and holds a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Maryland.


DEI Management has also recently partnered with Invista Performance solutions to provide customized trainings to help them fulfill their mission of transforming people and organizations.



Sherese Gamble, M.Ed is a school counselor, public speaker, mentorship program’s founder, and consultant in Washington. Throughout her career, Sherese has partnered with organizations across a wide range of industries – from the department of defense and aerospace, to school districts, nonprofits, and small businesses. Her educational background includes a Master of Education from SPU and a Bachelor of Psychology from UW. She is based out of the Eastside of Tacoma where she chairs her building’s Racial Equity Committee, runs two community mentoring programs, and is a committed member of the leadership teams driving the implementation of restorative justice and social emotional learning practices in K-12 and various community settings at both the building and system level. Sherese enjoys taking her daughter to gymnastics, designing events, and traveling to try new foods. She’s obsessed with innovating new ways of creating content and sparking conversation that unleashes the power of human potential outside of the norms. She understands the closer your content aligns with your team’s needs, the more they’ll take from the message you want to deliver. Her mission is simple – she is passionate about empowering individuals and inspiring leaders to differentiate themselves as game changers and drive systematic change that produces the results you want. She believes that understanding our own theories and experiences is an important step in accomplishing a goal to create space where diversity and inclusion are fostering a more creative and innovative culture. Let her help you and your team dig deeper and reach new heights.

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